Beauty Therapist Career Path

Is beauty therapy a good career?

With beauty therapists being in demand and the beauty and nail industry still growing, this could be a good career choice . However, to experience the good, you have to have a love for beauty therapy and everything that goes with it.

Some students come into the industry thinking it’s an easy career to earn money when in actual it is not that easy. Beauty therapists have to be really good at what they do and they also have to have excellent interpersonal skills. Building a good relationship with your clients is very important if you want them to come back for more beauty treatments.   


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Beauty therapist jobs on cruise ships

In order to work as a beautician on a cruise ship , you have to have a certain qualification and be able to perform a series of treatments.

Each cruise ship has their own set of entrance requirements so you have to do a bit of research to find out which qualification and skills you need.


Beauty therapy earning potential

A beautician can earn a good salary but it all depends on your qualification and experience in this field.

Your salary will also depend on whether you work part-time of full-time and the salon you work for.


What makes a great beautician?

What makes a great beautician ? A great beautician should hold the following abilities: 

  • Be able to make the client feel comfortable
  • Understand the client’s wants and needs
  • Must be clean, neat and tidy at all times
  • Hold a professional beauty therapy qualification
  • Be able to access the client’s skin type and use the correct products


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